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As always I am very busy, although I am managing just fine with the academics. In fact things are going so smoothly that I have already finished one of my essay that are due at the end of this semester. I am also hoping to have another two finished by the end of the week after next. This is because I have eight essays this semester. I am not sure I have ever had quite so many essay due at the end of single semester before. Its certainly unusual for graduate school.
I also feel that I am growing into my role as Gabi for the student-led services at Leo Baeck College although this is a lot of work.
Generally speaking I am happy with how things are going although, I do need to work hard nearly all the time to keep my head above water.
But its okay, its just that I don't have much room to breath...although things will get better soon because I have an almost empty week in which I can schedule all the meetings I need to do, urgently, and of course get ahead with my work.

The other interesting thing, at least to me, is how much I am enjoying our class on piyyutim (liturgical poetry) partly this is because we have a great teacher for it, but it is also because my Hebrew has just about reached the level where I can get something out of reading poetry (albeit only just).

But I am going to go now and catch up on some reading and rest up a bit.
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