Aug. 23rd, 2013 10:43 am
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A thousand pardons for not posting sooner over here on this blog. A lot has happened since my last posting and I have been very very busy. Firstly I have pasted my 3rd year, this was despite the very large number of assessments I had in the last semester. My markers were nothing to write home about again due to the large number of essays I had to write.
I have also finished off my placement with Jewish Care including the post placement briefing. Ordination was lovely a really moving ceremony, this year it was held at NPLS so that was new. I also attended Kol-Bo the closing event of the year here at LBC, this year's theme was art and all in all it was very interesting. Albeit as always with Kol-Bo it came at a time when I, along with everyone else was very tired.
After that was the MRJ music conference, which was fantastic. Currently I am fully occupied with a mixture of HHDs., this year I am to be at Eastbourne (Liberal), my fourth year placement which is going to take place at Kingston Liberal Synagogue I am very excited about this and have already had lots of positive communication with Charley the rabbi there. But the biggest thing is that Emily and I are moving house, our new flat is really beautiful...much near to school, the tube and the shops. It is however, a lot smaller. But I am sure we will be happy there for the next two years. (We got a contract which runs for two years).
The big move was yesterday and we also Ikea.
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