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Oct. 13th, 2013 12:28 pm
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I am now really settling into my fourth year at Leo Baeck College, and it is a day of catching up, which includes posting over here on this particular blog. The fourth year really does feel very different from any of the three years that have proceed it. There is still a strong classroom feel to the program I am in school in classrooms three days a week, but there is nevertheless a feeling that we are being moved towards the practical rabbinate more and more. This is even reflected in the type of classes that we are doing. They have a much more practical feel along with the purely academic. So as well as classes on Bible, liturgy and the Midrash we also have classes on Mental Heath and Death and dying.
I am also enjoying my 4th year Internship which is taking place at Kingston Liberal Synagogue. my High Holy Day Placements this year were in Eastbourne Liberal Synagogue so I really feel that I am getting to know Liberal Judaism really very well. I am enjoying the practical elements a lot and can feel myself getting more and more used to it and more and more comfortable in my emerging role.
I have also settled into our new apartment which is much nearer the college which really makes a big difference in the mornings.

Looking forward, as well as my work with KLS I have a few other synagogue visits lined up mainly Lech Lecha visits but a few others as well. Then there is Limmud, where I am planning to present four linked sessions this year, which will be hard work in both terms of doing it and in terms of preparation.

Emily and I also find ourselves as the co-chairs of the student society which is both an important and worthwhile role but will also be an additional source of work. And as if we were not busy enough we are pushing ahead with our plans for 'Rabbinic Students for ProZion', so I can already tell that this year is going to be both very busy and hopefully very fulfilling.

About all that has happened outside of all that is that I celebrated my birthday. Lots of fun if a quite evening just hanging out with some friends at the local pub which we all like.


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