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Today was a very long one, at least it felt long, but a rather good one. It started early with Dafi Yomi with my chavaruta partner Leah J., we did unusually well and got though nearly half a daf. Then there was a very pleasant morning service.
This was followed by Emily's and my class on the Prophets which was very interesting the article we had read was most interesting. After that came rabbinic literature we are still working though Kiddushin 2b its a complex Suguya but we are making progress. I had various meetings at lunch time (both formal and informal) and then a class on Medieval Jewish history. A short break followed by an extra-homilitics class. By the time I got home I was very very tired but after a bit of a rest I got on with some more work. (Looking at the rest of the Kiddushin text).
Tomorrow should be a much easier day but I am relaxed and fairly happy.
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Last night I had a lot of trouble sleeping, not that this is all that unusual for me, but even so last night was particularly bad. So I got up when I felt I could so about 6:45 and I did the various things that I had on my to do list. Including registering with an NHS dentist. So then I went back to bed and thought well I'm going to try self-hypnosis and see if I cannot do something about the pain in my neck, a literal pain by the way nota metaphorical one.
So I found a youtube video and I remember thinking this is never going to work, and then I do feel heavy though, and the next thing I know it was 1pm! So i guess that worked.
It was a lovely sunny day so I went to get Fish and chips for lunch for Emily and me. Although it was sunny it was very cold. Apart from that I did a little work for school and shortly I am going around to fellow students for Friday Night Dinner.
Apart from that all that I have done is chat with Tina on Facebook.
I am hoping for more sleep tonight and a proper Shabbat tomorrow.
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Today is my birthday although my party was a few days ago. Today was a relatively easy day although at was just as well because I had almost no sleep. After the service I had my psalms lesson, today it was just me because both my classmates were away. The same was 145 so that made life a little easier.
Then we had rabbinic literature in which we were reading tosefta kiddushin, we didn't make to much progress but it was an interesting discussion. The class after lunch was comparative religion for which we had an outside speaker.
The really nice thing was that my classmates gave me a cake (a caterpiler cake :) and a really nice card.
Then I just came home and had a chat with my family via skype and did a few admin type jobs. Then it was an early night because I have important meetings tomorrow.
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I am enjoying a Monday off, as we don't have class because its Simchat Torah (the festival which celebrates the giving off the Torah). Yesterday I went with Emily to see her lead the services for Erve Simchat Torah at Westminster Synagogue. But today I had a lie in which is such a blessing and for a hard pressed rabbinical student a great way to celebrate a festival.
Somewhat unusually I am not too busy at the moment, I am working on a possible sermon for Noah. If it doesn't get used (and I am uncertain if I am down to deliver it or not) it will be useful in future years as it is a good, but non-generic sermon.
I am also giving some thoughts to on going projects, at least two of which I had thought I was done with.
As always with days off it has been filled with admin type jobs. Later I am going to get my flu inoculation not fun but better than actually getting flu.
I also need to book some train tickets and do some other odds and ends. But all in all I am going to have a quite and productive day before the third year continues tomorrow.
On Friday night I went to a LJ (Liberal Judaism) Friday Night Dinner (largely aimed at young adults), it was fun and the food was excellent. The event was led by Benji a fellow rabbinic student (albeit he is in his 5th year).
Thats about where I am at the moment. In the middle of my rabbinic-training with things more or less under control.


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