Dec. 28th, 2012 02:05 pm
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I have just returned from Limmud which was amazing as always. I presented two sessions this year one on the Alienu, which I was pleased with and one on Judah and Tamar as Jewish Leaders that I was very pleased with.
It was also nice to meet with friends old and new from past Limmudim, and to have an opportunity to meet with so many new and interesting people. Then of course there were the sessions all the ones attended this year were good (although I was taking things a bit easy this going to limmud after a long semester at LBC), but three presenters stood out for me this year: Yeshua Engleman (great as always) Levi Lauer, and Ruth Arkush. Using the Limmud Chrevaruta booklet was also interesting especially having been involved with its production.

It was however, a bit different to be attending as a rabbinical student, I did feel a little on display at times.
Back in the flat now and am 'recovering' soon got to get on with essays and the like. But taking it very gently today.
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So my peaceful weekend continue I got up latish on Sunday and did a bit of cleaning in sitting room and then I went to local park for a coffee and one of their giant cookies. I then came back to flat and chatted via Facebook/skype with various friends, which is always a nice way to spend sometime. I watched a little bit of cooking which made me want cakes really really bad so when Emily came back we went into North Finchley and I at least had some cakes along with another coffee, I was still feeling ill because that was more than enough to tire me out totally so I came back and had a sleep. I have also caught up with Daf Yomi the last couple of pages of Shabbat have been very interesting. So I am now ready for my study tomorrow with my chevaruta partner.
I am still eating my way though the food that Mum and Rebecca sent me for my birthday. I am more or less sorted out for next week certainly for the first part few days. Monday and Tuesday.
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Last night I had a lot of trouble sleeping, not that this is all that unusual for me, but even so last night was particularly bad. So I got up when I felt I could so about 6:45 and I did the various things that I had on my to do list. Including registering with an NHS dentist. So then I went back to bed and thought well I'm going to try self-hypnosis and see if I cannot do something about the pain in my neck, a literal pain by the way nota metaphorical one.
So I found a youtube video and I remember thinking this is never going to work, and then I do feel heavy though, and the next thing I know it was 1pm! So i guess that worked.
It was a lovely sunny day so I went to get Fish and chips for lunch for Emily and me. Although it was sunny it was very cold. Apart from that I did a little work for school and shortly I am going around to fellow students for Friday Night Dinner.
Apart from that all that I have done is chat with Tina on Facebook.
I am hoping for more sleep tonight and a proper Shabbat tomorrow.
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Today is my birthday although my party was a few days ago. Today was a relatively easy day although at was just as well because I had almost no sleep. After the service I had my psalms lesson, today it was just me because both my classmates were away. The same was 145 so that made life a little easier.
Then we had rabbinic literature in which we were reading tosefta kiddushin, we didn't make to much progress but it was an interesting discussion. The class after lunch was comparative religion for which we had an outside speaker.
The really nice thing was that my classmates gave me a cake (a caterpiler cake :) and a really nice card.
Then I just came home and had a chat with my family via skype and did a few admin type jobs. Then it was an early night because I have important meetings tomorrow.
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Today was a short day, which is good because I was really tired right from the start. But it was one of those days when I feel as though I haven't learnt all that much. Partly this was because although it was a school day it was also Simchat Torah for the Orthodox and Massorti world. This meant that I didn't have my liturgy lesson.
So my only class was Codes, which as it was an introduction to the course was somewhat basic. But I am sure that it will go on to become a really good class.
The RA was meeting in the drawing room so I got to say Hi to Michael H, and to Mini as well as well as chatting up with Bobby Siliverman, and Larry Becker whom I have not had a chance to say hi too in ages and ages.

Although it was a non-remarkable day, I think that with all the stress and stuff that normally goes on having one normal and unremarkable day is, probably, a good thing.


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