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Not all that much has happened today. School was more or less uneventful we learnt some interesting sections of Bavli. Additional i had meetings and admin to think about. I still feel although things are proceeding along on a more or less steady pace and things are still under control.
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Today was a very long one, at least it felt long, but a rather good one. It started early with Dafi Yomi with my chavaruta partner Leah J., we did unusually well and got though nearly half a daf. Then there was a very pleasant morning service.
This was followed by Emily's and my class on the Prophets which was very interesting the article we had read was most interesting. After that came rabbinic literature we are still working though Kiddushin 2b its a complex Suguya but we are making progress. I had various meetings at lunch time (both formal and informal) and then a class on Medieval Jewish history. A short break followed by an extra-homilitics class. By the time I got home I was very very tired but after a bit of a rest I got on with some more work. (Looking at the rest of the Kiddushin text).
Tomorrow should be a much easier day but I am relaxed and fairly happy.
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So my peaceful weekend continue I got up latish on Sunday and did a bit of cleaning in sitting room and then I went to local park for a coffee and one of their giant cookies. I then came back to flat and chatted via Facebook/skype with various friends, which is always a nice way to spend sometime. I watched a little bit of cooking which made me want cakes really really bad so when Emily came back we went into North Finchley and I at least had some cakes along with another coffee, I was still feeling ill because that was more than enough to tire me out totally so I came back and had a sleep. I have also caught up with Daf Yomi the last couple of pages of Shabbat have been very interesting. So I am now ready for my study tomorrow with my chevaruta partner.
I am still eating my way though the food that Mum and Rebecca sent me for my birthday. I am more or less sorted out for next week certainly for the first part few days. Monday and Tuesday.


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