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Last night I had a lot of trouble sleeping, not that this is all that unusual for me, but even so last night was particularly bad. So I got up when I felt I could so about 6:45 and I did the various things that I had on my to do list. Including registering with an NHS dentist. So then I went back to bed and thought well I'm going to try self-hypnosis and see if I cannot do something about the pain in my neck, a literal pain by the way nota metaphorical one.
So I found a youtube video and I remember thinking this is never going to work, and then I do feel heavy though, and the next thing I know it was 1pm! So i guess that worked.
It was a lovely sunny day so I went to get Fish and chips for lunch for Emily and me. Although it was sunny it was very cold. Apart from that I did a little work for school and shortly I am going around to fellow students for Friday Night Dinner.
Apart from that all that I have done is chat with Tina on Facebook.
I am hoping for more sleep tonight and a proper Shabbat tomorrow.
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I am enjoying a Monday off, as we don't have class because its Simchat Torah (the festival which celebrates the giving off the Torah). Yesterday I went with Emily to see her lead the services for Erve Simchat Torah at Westminster Synagogue. But today I had a lie in which is such a blessing and for a hard pressed rabbinical student a great way to celebrate a festival.
Somewhat unusually I am not too busy at the moment, I am working on a possible sermon for Noah. If it doesn't get used (and I am uncertain if I am down to deliver it or not) it will be useful in future years as it is a good, but non-generic sermon.
I am also giving some thoughts to on going projects, at least two of which I had thought I was done with.
As always with days off it has been filled with admin type jobs. Later I am going to get my flu inoculation not fun but better than actually getting flu.
I also need to book some train tickets and do some other odds and ends. But all in all I am going to have a quite and productive day before the third year continues tomorrow.
On Friday night I went to a LJ (Liberal Judaism) Friday Night Dinner (largely aimed at young adults), it was fun and the food was excellent. The event was led by Benji a fellow rabbinic student (albeit he is in his 5th year).
Thats about where I am at the moment. In the middle of my rabbinic-training with things more or less under control.


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